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The original buko pie
Taytay falls can be reached either via Lukban or via Majayjay.
Cabalen “Eat all you can, Eat all you want” all-Filipino buffet restaurant, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines
Enchanted Kingdom. Decide where to go first?
Swan lake
Roller Skaters (Mini Roller Coaster) at Enchanted Kingdom, Santa Rosa City, Laguna
Enchanted Kingdom Park in Santa Rosa, Laguna
Midway Boardwalk, Roller Skater
With regular day pass ticket, enjoy unlimited use of all the Park’s rides
Enchanted Kingdom has several theme parks to explore and learn and rides to enjoy.
Mount Banahaw is one of the active volcanoes in the Philippines.
Rio Grande Rapids. Enchanted Kingdom Santa Rosa, Laguna Phillippines
Discover an era ruled by dinosaurs as you enter Boulderville, a prehistoric cartoon zone at enchanted kingdom
Up, Up & Away ride at Midway Boardwalk Park Zone, Enchanted kingdom
A lot of kiddie rides and play facilities such as the Rock Quarry.
Up, Up, and Away Balloon Ride
Air Pterodactyl rides at Enchanted kingdom.
Rio Grande - a wet-and-wild adventure that's guaranteed to make you come back for more.
The Rock Quarry at Boulderville Park Zone.
Boulderville Express kiddie rides at Enchanted kingdom
Enchanted Kingdom, Manila, Philippines
Enchanted Kingdom - Tips to enjoy your visit
Enchanted Kingdom at night
Things to bring if you plan to visit Enchanted Kingdom
Wheel of Fate (Ferris wheel) at Enchanted Kingdom
Stone Eggs (kiddie Ferris wheel) at Enchanted Kingdom