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The Philippine water buffalo
Feed the Fish It's so simple, and kids love it at Kinder Zoo, Manila.
The hanging bridge over a well-stocked fish lagoon at Manila Zoo.
kinder zoo entrance ticket
For only 65 pesos at Kinder Zoo section of Manila Zoo
Kinder Zoo section at Manila Zoo
The Kinder Zoo is a place where kids can see the animals up close.
Going wild at Zoobic Safari!
Zoobic Safari Adventure
Crocodile Park is the ultimate Philippine crocodile adventure delivering conservation through exciting education.
Zoofari Subic Bay Zoo, Luzon, Philippines
Zoobic Park, Zoofari Subic
Manila Zoo won't be closed down.
Ostrich at Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden
A number of turtles at Manila Zoo.
Manila Zoo turtle
Each crocodile jaw carries 24 sharp teeth meant to grasp and crush, not to chew.