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Are you ready for adventure?
Don't bite off more than you can chew
Rizal Park Children's playground
Art Color Blowing
Today, in its more than ten years of existence, Loreland is a byword as
Spotted Garden eel at Manila Ocean Park, Philippines
Country Village
Cheaper and safer small self container aquariums
Salu-salo sa Pasko
Bumble bee kiddie rides at SM
EK's thrilling and breath-taking rides like the Swan Lake,
Swan lake
Roller Skaters (Mini Roller Coaster) at Enchanted Kingdom, Santa Rosa City, Laguna
Philippine deer at the Manila Zoo
Enchanted Kingdom Park in Santa Rosa, Laguna
Midway Boardwalk, Roller Skater
Boulderville is a zone in Enchanted Kingdom that’ll be a sure treat for the kids.
With regular day pass ticket, enjoy unlimited use of all the Park’s rides
Happy Birthday Jenjen!!
Enchanted Kingdom - you will discover it is another world of fun and adventure!
Welcome to Enchanted Kingdom, Manila, Philippines.
Kids playing on the modified monkey bars.
Happy 4th birthday Meggy!!!
Peter Pan is here.
Opening of Christmas Gifts
Finding good Christmas costumes for a production is not always easy.
My Batman Mini Diamond Kite.
With a simple two-button controller this exclusive remote control (RC) car is designed especially for young children.
Sitting Too Close to the TV Is Bad for Your Eyes ... an old technology tale.
Barn and several play animals made of clay and play dough.
This is just another color version of the classic coin operate kiddie carousel ride you see in the malls.
The Time Capsule-a computer console that lets guests send e-mail messages to the future, .. making you receive mail in 2010 that you sent in 2007!
Dinosaurs in Manila.
The automated hydraulic robotic dinosaurs in the exhibit at Robinsons Mall, Manila
Discover an era ruled by dinosaurs as you enter Boulderville, a prehistoric cartoon zone at enchanted kingdom
Up, Up & Away ride at Midway Boardwalk Park Zone, Enchanted kingdom
A lot of kiddie rides and play facilities such as the Rock Quarry.
Up, Up, and Away Balloon Ride
Air Pterodactyl rides at Enchanted kingdom.
Rio Grande - a wet-and-wild adventure that's guaranteed to make you come back for more.
The Rock Quarry at Boulderville Park Zone.
Boulderville Express kiddie rides at Enchanted kingdom
Stone Eggs (kiddie Ferris Wheel) at Enchanted Kingdom
Enchanted Kingdom, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna