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If symptoms persist, consult somebody…
Advisory: The Professional Regulation Commission – Board of Nursing soon to release 2010 December result..
Jubail KSA nurses
20th PCP MidYear Convention -September 23-25, 2010
Heading off head lice, the scourge of summer
February 2010 Physicians Licensure Examination Result
Air Force General Hospital, Pasay, Manila
The Philippine General Hospital, globally competitive, committed to the health of the Filipino people
WELCOME TO PGH, THE NATIONAL UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL (by virtue of Republic Act 9500, or the UP Charter of 2008)
Demeaning language in film
 	 103 people injured treated by PNRC during Cory's funeral procession.
Newborn screening, often referred to as the “PKU test,” is a simple, inexpensive blood test performed on babies in the first 48 hours after birth to look for serious and often life-threatening disorders.
Ambulance of Bukidnon Provincial Hospital - Malitbog
The Philippine College of Physicians 39th Annual Convention SMX Convention Center
Nurses on duty even on Holidays
2008 World AIDS Day
Sitting Too Close to the TV Is Bad for Your Eyes ... an old technology tale.
Capitol University Medical City, Lapasan Highway, Cagayan de Oro City Philippines
Celebrating 50 years of Loving Service... A shared commitment
Maria Reyna Hospital 50th Anniversary (Golden Anniversary).
Sapphire Anniversary Celebration, August 25, 2008
J. R. Borja Hospital 45th Anniversary
J.R. Borja General Hospital Sapphire Anniversary Celebration.
Philippine Integrated Disease and Surveillance
Occupying a sandy shore and part of a hill, Duka is soothingly shaded by a cluster of large ancestral trees.
Blood donation helps save lives. Find out if you're eligible to donate blood and what to expect if you decide to donate.
56 Facts About Blood and Blood Donation
Cebu Medical Society - Medicine Week
remembering those who died of tuberculosis (TB) and those working behind to control the disease.
NMMC, TB DOTS Unit, participates in the celebration of
Stop TB. Kaya Mo. Kaya Ko. World TB Day 2008
We strongly oppose R.A. 6675 s.33 of the
First Do No Harm. Our patient, our concern.
No to the prescription of HB 2844 - Northern Mindanao Doctors.
The Philippine Medical School was founded in 1905 in Manila.