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Philippine Ostrich
Empty shells of sea clams
Baby crocodiles in Philippine crocodile farm
The Philippine water buffalo
Hippopotamus in Manila Zoo Philippines Amusement Theme Park
Sleepy Tarsier in Bohol, Philippines
Allow us to share our farm with you!
Welcome to Opol Ostrich and Crocodile Farm
Philippines cockroach
Common Seahorse
Bamboo shark
Feed the Fish It's so simple, and kids love it at Kinder Zoo, Manila.
kinder zoo entrance ticket
For only 65 pesos at Kinder Zoo section of Manila Zoo
Philippine Brown Butterfly
Ostrich at Manila Zoo
Pigs are omnivores, which means that they consume both plants and animals.
Cheaper and safer small self container aquariums
Farming in Bukidnon
Pating (Shark) – features several species of shark at Manila Ocean Park.
 Welcome to Manila Ocean Park – the Philippines’ first state-of-the-art Oceanarium
Going wild at Zoobic Safari!
Common Lionfish at Manila Ocean Park
Bluespotted Ribbontail Ray (Pagi) at Manila Ocean Park
Giant Spider Crab at Manila Ocean Park, Philippines
Philippine Cattle Breed are the indigenous cattle breed found throughout the Philippines.
Crocodile Park is the ultimate Philippine crocodile adventure delivering conservation through exciting education.
A Philippine hawk eagle has found a new home at the Davao Crocodile Park in Davao City
Zoobic Safari, Wildlife Tiger Adventure Amusement Park - Subic Bay, Zambales
Zoobic Park, Zoofari Subic
Animal: Horse
Philippine deer at the Manila Zoo
Manila Zoo won't be closed down.
Ostrich at Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden
A number of turtles at Manila Zoo.
Manila Zoo turtle
Karetela (horse carriage), a two wheeled carriage drawn by a horse.
Slaugthered pig ready to be letson.
This is a Black Capped Lory (scientific name: Lorius lory)
Davao Crocodile Park Roadshow
There is never a wrong time to go boating especially if you are in boracay island.
Tigers at Manila Zoo will not survive if released in the wild.
Philippine Eagle at Chali Beach Resort, Cagayan de Oro
Dinosaurs exhibit opens at City Mall