You decide whether to FAIL or PASS on your Criminology Licensure Exam

Preparing for an exam can be stressful, especially if you are running out of time, but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to stress yourself out nor cram. By doing a few simple things ahead of time, you can be confident and ready for your test.
1. Start studying early. Give yourself more than enough time to review any material available. Make a study plan outlining the topics you need to cover and allotting the time needed for each topic. Assign more time for topics that are difficult and need analysis and lesser time for simple recall items. Allow time to go over the material at least thrice. First as an overview, highlighting important words or concepts followed by a more in-depth perusal of the material including memorization of “must know” items. The third pass is allotted for reviewing the things you have covered, a time for quizzing yourself how much you have understood and remembered. If you have enough time to go over the material for the fourth time you can use this for going over “nice to know” items/concepts. Make a study plan and stick to the plan. Do not borrow time. Remember, it will be very difficult to do twice tomorrow what you were not able to do once today.
2. Allow for time to read your notes in the evening of the same day it was taken while the lecture is still fresh in your mind. Check if your notes are sufficient. Have any classes been missed? If some parts of your notes are missing, you might need to borrow someone else’s notes. Someone commented in our app that he felt as if he was looking at his notes while he was still a student. It’s good to know that some of the users of our app are able to recognize our efforts incorporating, identification of key words and highlighting them in the explanation on every question of this app.
3. Take a lot of sample quiz. Keep on reviewing until a few days of your exam. Review the questions that you missed until you get them right. You can carry this app around with you and quiz yourself when you’re on the go, in the car, riding a jeep or a bus while caught in traffic. I’m sure you always have your cellphone with you wherever you go, so take advantage of any spare time you may have, such as when you’re waiting in a line/queue, on the bus or train, or getting dressed in the morning. You might quiz yourself for a half hour or so, then take a break. Continue to quiz yourself until you get them all right. If you keep getting certain questions wrong, take some time going over the explanation. You may also need to review your textbook again to see if there is something you are not understanding.
4. Use realistic time constraints when you take practice tests. If you don’t time yourself accurately, you will not be able to reliably predict your scores on the real test. Time is a huge factor as well, and learning to manage it properly is key to earning a high score. This app gives you a time constraint however you may disable it anytime you need to spend more time on the questions. The usual time for most exams is 1 minute per question.
5. Review past tests. If you have a friend who has taken the test the year before, ask your friend for some information about that test and probably a few tips if that friend passed. Our app is mostly a compilation of previous examinations and we added some items to really challenge the examinee. Explanations are given in such a way that it is easy to understand and viewed as if it is your notes. Reviewing past exams will not give you the exact question that will appear on your test, but it will give you an idea of the format and how the information will be tested. If you are able to review a test with answers on it, pay attention to answers and explanation given. Also, pay attention to any notes written explaining why points were taken off. With explanation given for each and every question it will help retain the information and concept long term and helps in the easy retrieval during a recall process. I once went to a bookstore and scan some of the review materials available in the market and I found a lot of them. But only few that offers an explanation on the answers. Answers, with explanations, of the question you just read less than a minute ago could positively impact your learning and retention curve. By the way, our app answer options are shuffled so you can’t figure out any answers based on their location in every question. So, the next time you review it, never mind memorizing the option location if you’re trying to cheat yourself.
6. Summarize, using key words. Summarizing reduces the amount of material you must remember, while helping you to learn. It involves reading your course materials then reducing the main ideas to key words that can be memorized. This is what we do in this review app. We decide to write in the explanation pop-up screen the main (most important) idea in each question. We rewrite the main idea in simple words then reduce it to a sentence short enough to be retained in your memory.
Reduce Test Anxiety and Stay Confident. Prepare. The best thing you can do to feel ready, is to be ready. Don’t procrastinate. Procrastination and anxiety are best friends. You’ve done all the work to get to where you are now (Haven’t you?). You’ve spent countless hours taking quizzes, memorizing, making outlines, drawing diagrams, group-studying, etc. And you’ve probably done hundreds of practice questions. Trust your hard work. Pat yourself on the back because you’ve put yourself in the best position to succeed.
A month before taking our exam we were housed in a place together with other examinees. My roommate who happened to be my friend as well, bought an expensive book just a few days before our exam. He believed that by using it as a pillow it can be absorbed by his brain thru osmosis. It sounded strange, but it made him confident in taking the exam and he was willing to pay the price just to gain his confidence. Assert yourself. In the past you might have convinced yourself that you struggle on tests.
Therefore, you can convince yourself that you can succeed on tests. Your past experiences are simply that, just past experiences. You can learn from them, but they shouldn’t define your future; YOU DO. Your reaction and mindset are a decision. You decide whether to feel anxious or confident. You decide whether to feel intimidated or undaunted. You decide whether to be negative or positive. So, decide.
I think I’m taking too much of your time already. I’ll let you get back to your review now… But wait, did I mention that we increased the paid app to 500 questions. I guess, I did. So, until then, Good luck. My prayers on your exam.

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