Making Pasay City a Healthier Place to Live.

Making Pasay City a Healthier Place to Live.

Making Pasay City a Healthier Place to Live.

Making Pasay City a Healthier Place to Live.
Pasay City Mayor Peewee Trinidad delivers his State of the City Children’s Address at the Pasay Sports Complex on Oct. 26. His dreams for the children include a healthy youth who is free from poverty and safe from the harsh realities of life.

Our legacy:
A city our children can be proud of
Pasay City Sports Complex
October 26, 2009

Madam Vanessa Tobin, Unicef representative to the Philippines, City Administrator Atty. Tina Carbajal, Chief of Staff Greg Alcera, Father Soc Montealto, Hon. Judge Tingaraan Guiling, P/Sr. Supt. Raul D. Petrasanta, PSWD Chief Resty Cruz, Dra. Mangonon, Councilor Lex Ibay, NGO Representative Leonor Loor, Ms. Jean Fernando, media representative, Mr. Carlo Anthony Fuentebella, president of the Supreme Student Council, department heads, fellow workers in government, honored guests, dearly beloved children, friends, ladies and gentlemen:
Today marks another year of our partnership with the United Nations Children’s Fund in making Pasay – a Child-Friendly City– an even better city for our young citizens.
My dear friends, I know, you know, we know, how much we have done for our beloved children of Pasay City… and yet, as I stand before you to give this year’s State of the City Children’s Address, mixed emotions run through my very person.
This SOCCA is another accomplishment report, yes, but not a final report… for we can never say that the job is really finished.

Several years back when we set out to make Pasay a Child-Friendly City, we were faced with a monumental task. The biggest among the stumbling blocks is more of a psychological and emotional barrier rather than a physical one… Pasay was then saddled with the shameful label “Sin City.”
Through dedication, hard work and unflagging commitment, guided by a clear vision-mission, we have succeeded not only in earning for Pasay a Child-Friendly City status, but in ridding our city of any humiliating nickname.
Today, we are still riding the crest of a wave of development unparalleled in the city’s history. We are no longer the butt of jokes among the cities of Metro Manila. Pasay City has finally come of its own… it is now the newest jewel city in the metropolis.
Pasay City, already the country’s Premiere Gateway City, is now the de facto Convention Capital of the Philippines. We are the newest go-to city in the Metro for family entertainment, thanks to the continuing development in the Bay Area and in part to Pasay being a mass transportation hub.
When we set forth to make Pasay City a city our children can be proud of, we knew the going would not be easy. But we never doubted that the time will come when our children – the greatest natural resource of our city— can hold their head up high and say “we live in Pasay and proud to be Pasayeños.”
Allow me just to mention several highlights in our collective efforts for our young generation —

SCHOOL BUILDING PROGRAM. From 2000 to 2008 the Division of City Schools and Pasay City were able to construct 481 classrooms in both elementary and high schools. Other classrooms were built thru generated goodwill with Megaworld.
Figures take time to figure out. Stated straight — 56% of the total classrooms of Pasay were built under my administration. 92% of all high school classrooms were built also under my administration. Truly, Education is No. 1 my seven – point agenda.
Our Dep-Ed City Schools Division is very active, let me mention two achievements of our Child-Friendly School System. E-learning and Cares.
More E-Learning laboratories have been established in elementary schools and the number of computers have increased by more than 100 % from 102 units in 2007 to 217 units in 2008.
Cares of Pasay City means community access to revitalized educational services. It is the work of the Literacy Coordinating Council which has won many awards from the city.

Health and Nutrition

We have 14 health centers, 13 of them Sentrong Sigla certified. Our health department is about the most dedicated I have seen. They give the best health care to our young citizens. A 14% reduction in infant Death was achieved in 2008, a 1.5% decrease in undernourished pre-school children is welcome news.
The city’s Child Health Program is a special project of the local Health Office in partnership with the Center for Health Development in NCR. The main objective is to decrease the frequency of teenage pregnancies in Malibay area and to decrease the infant mortality rate from 26 per 1000 live births to 23 per 1000 live births by the end of December 2009.
An adolescent wellness center was opened in Malibay in June of this year.
These are just highlights. The full report on the State of the City Children Address, including pictorials and documentation, has been submitted to the Unicef. This report will also be made available in the city’s website within the week.
We now have a total of 105 day-care centers. Three more day-care centers will open by Nov. 6 this year. The bigger plan is 130 day-care centers within the next three years. We have 8,619 day-care pupils, all of whom were given bags, school supplies and beginning-reader materials by Pasayeña Foundation, Inc. headed by my better-looking half, Nelfa D. Trinidad.
Should the plan to integrate the day-care centers as pre-schools in the public education system materialize, Pasay City would be in the best position to become a pilot city.
We continue to fine-tune our efforts because we believe that “without a vision for its children, a leader is just an illusion…without a mission for the young generation, there is only selfishness and dark ambition.”
Indeed, for our children, we never truly rest. Everything we do is for them. In fact, this very place where we are gathered –the Pasay City Sports Complex— was built largely to meet our children’s needs for a sports venue. It is but one of many small things that when taken together, become a lasting gift.
Our legacy. A Pasay City our children can be proud of. But then again, we can never give to our children a gift greater than them, for they, our children, are already the greatest gift of all. They make our day so much sweeter. Do not forget to thank them.
I have many dreams. My fondest dreams are about children.
I dream that all children will be able to go to school.
I dream that children will be free from disease.
I dream that children will no longer beg for food.
I dream that children will not have to sleep in the streets.
I shall continue to dream until these dreams become realities. Someday…somehow…it will happen.
Thank you Unicef for being our main partner in making a better Pasay for our children.
Mabuhay tayong lahat!
Magandang umaga.

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