Bukidnon National High School

Bukidnon National High School

Bukidnon National High School has been one of the leader schools in the Division of Bukidnon. Over the years, the school has evolved into various programs and projects to respond effectively to the diverse needs and interests of students.

The school serves not only the youth of the province, but also students who hail from other places. In its portals are students representing a cross-section of society both from within and outside of Bukidnon indiscriminate of their ethnic background, religious belief and economic status.

As a molder of the youth, it is dedicated to continually seek appropriate reforms and strategies to accomplish its Vision and Mission suitably anchored upon the goals for basic education.

The synergy between the PTA, LGU, LSB, Alumni and some private entity has accelerated numerous improvements in the school and has instigated support to both teachers and student’s trainings and activities in the school, division, regional and national level.

Today, Bukidnon National High School is continuously creating a niche in the Province of Bukidnon and even beyond. As we look back into the future we continue to resound from shacks and tents we have lived, yet survived to last the modern age… Where’er we go the name we’ll bring Bukidnon National High School.

– Mr. Pariso L. Orong
School Principal