This is not a sort of Philippines “tourist attraction”.

This is not a sort of Philippines “tourist attraction”.

At the Cebu City Pier, you can toss a coin from the ship deck and these mendicants will dive or catch it unmindful of the risks and danger to their lives.

You may call theme “coin catchers”, usually that of a gesture for coins, left-over food, candies or bottled water. Toss it anyway you wish and they will catch it in or out of the water … showing off. People think it’s a sort of “tourist attraction”, what they don’t understand is the danger that they may get enveloped or entangled by the propeller of the vessel which may lead to accidents and possible loss of limbs.”

For as long as people and tourist continue to give them alms this way, these (beggars) mendicants will never stop their trade.

MAGBIGAY sa Tamang Paraan. Huwag sa ganitong paraan! Suportahan Natin ang PD 1563 o Anti-Mendicancy Law (Give alms in a proper manner, but not on the streets, not like this! Let’s support PD 1563).

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