BML – General Passenger Operations Endorsement

BML - General Passenger Operations Endorsement

Passenger Operations

a) Explains the planning and operational procedures for carrying passengers
b) Describes how to carry out or manage effective pre-voyage procedures including pre-voyage checks, crew briefing, passenger safety announcements
c) Describes the means of providing safe passenger access
d) Describes accurate passenger counting and reporting
e) Identifies the correct locations that passengers should be guided to
f) Describes the correct procedure for the control of unruly passengers
g) Describes how to give efficient safety briefings/advice to passengers while underway
h) Demonstrates knowledge of any operational limitations imposed on the ship, performance restrictions including speed limitations in adverse weather, which are intended to maintain the safety of life, ship and cargo
i) Demonstrates knowledge of procedures for opening, closing and securing of bow, stern, side doors and ramps and to correctly operate the related systems

Emergency Response

a) Describes how to control and manage passengers in emergency situations, including the importance of clear identification of crew members
b) Explains the passenger care duties to allocate to crew members in an emergency
c) Demonstrates an effective knowledge of procedures following an emergency including recovery from the water, running aground, collision damage, fire and explosion
d) Describes how to prepare efficient plans for the safety and/or evacuation of passengers including plans for contacting the appropriate emergency or/and Search And Rescue (SAR)service in the event of an emergency
e) Demonstrates an outline knowledge of SAR plan for co-ordinating with local emergency/SAR services
f) Demonstrates an awareness of control plan for life saving appliance fitted on vessels
g) Demonstrates a knowledge of safety instructions and mandatory information signs that should be located on the vessel, and how to maintain them in good order including instructions related to
h) Emergency exits
i) Gangway
j) Fire and evacuation plans and routes

a) Demonstrates a knowledge of First Aid equipment carried on board and action required pertaining to the care of passengers
b) Demonstrates an awareness of fire prevention on passenger vessels including

* Fire fighting equipment fitted on vessel
* Designated `No Smoking’ areas